Leadership does not require us to change into something we aren't. It requires us to grow more fully into ourselves.

Explore the depth of the leadership themes in Nate's latest book Seeing People Through with a combination of reading assignments, video interviews with leadership experts, and facilitated sessions with Dr. Regier. 

Connect with other leaders in this intimate cohort experience where you will find a safe and challenging space to learn and grow as a leader.

The experience will culminate with creating your own PCMⓇ Leadership Design, a capstone project applying what you’ve learned to become a better steward of your personality. For those already familiar with the Process Communication Model, this master class will enrich your understanding and application of the model.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Session Focus and Learning Topics:

Session 1: Hypocrisy

  • Are you practicing what you preach about personality diversity?
  • Closing the knowing-doing gap between personality awareness and inclusion

Session 2: Authenticity

  • Becoming more authentic by embracing types IN people, not types OF people
  • Don’t confuse discomfort with inauthenticity
  • Learn key differences in the ways that different people experience and interact with the world around them

Session 3: Honesty

  • Explore your emotional awareness and presence, especially during conflict
  • Learn the difference between safe honesty and real honesty
  • Examine your own cover-up behaviors and how they impact leadership
  • Discover your emotional Achilles heel

Session 4: Influence

  • Explore the difference between personality entitlement, manipulation, and influence
  • Develop a plan to address your own emotional achilles heel
  • Explore communication strategies to positively influence each of the six personality types

Session 5: Self-Deception

  • Learn the myths and self-deceptions associated with your personality in distress
  • Distinguish positive vs. negative influence
  • Explore positive intervention strategies for each personality type in distress

Session 6: Trust

  • Learn about the two trust questions, and how to answer them positively
  • Explore how you earn or break trust as a leader with different personality types
  • Practice self-correcting interventions to regain trust

Session 7: Agility

  • Learn how leaders meet people where they are at 
  • Examine how to reconcile agility with authenticity

Session 8: Self-Fullness

  • Learn what it means to be a good steward of your personality
  • Distinguish self-full from selfless and selfish

Session 9: Seeing People Through: Creating Your PCM Leadership Design

  • Put together what you’ve learned into a comprehensive action plan for leveraging your personality and the personalities of those you lead

What’s Included

  • Signed Copy of the book Seeing People Through
  • Process Communication Model Leadership Profile outlining your own personality structure with guidance on leadership
  • Nine live virtual sessions with Dr. Regier, bi-weekly starting Jan 21, 2021
  • Selected videos and articles 
  • Video interviews with thought leaders about each chapter of the book
  • Homework assignments between lessons
  • SPT facilitation guide

Tuition: $1975

Space limited to 12 participants.

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